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General Discussion / Re: Casting Performance of $100+ Flyrods
« Last post by Larry Offner on September 06, 2014, 06:04:01 PM »

No personal attacks, please.  This topic is locked.
General Discussion / Re: Casting Performance of $100+ Flyrods
« Last post by Thad on September 06, 2014, 06:07:01 AM »
I have noticed that some of the expensive "store brands" only have a short warranty period, unless you purchase an extension, and it is not all that long either.  Sometimes it is just for workmanship, and not breakage.  The expensive and not so expensive name brands are offering to replace their rods for free, or very little if you break them.  I think that they are making up for the cost of this service by charging for it up front, and hope you don't keep breaking them.  That just might be why a you don't see a lot of difference in the better store brand rod and the better name brand rod.  Both can be good quality, made well, cast well, but  one is willing to keep replacing the rod whenever you break it.  Without that warranty, the expensive name brand would probably be less expensive, but probably not as low as the store brand.

Warmwater Fly Fishing / Re: What interested you in warmwater flyfishing?
« Last post by Scott Irwin on September 06, 2014, 05:13:40 AM »
I fish warm water because it's five minutes from my house. Every fishing trip I seem to learn something new. When I do travel to cold water streams in Arkansas I think fish better because of so much time on warm water with the flyrod. Warm water fishing is fun, but when you don't catch fish it's still good practice for the more involved trips to distant cold water streams.
Urban Angling / Re: Any creek fisherman ??
« Last post by bluegillbob on September 05, 2014, 09:59:38 PM »
I feel in love with creek fishing! Creeks can be quiet, non-pressured, and intimate. For several years I would ignore this one creek...I would drive over it and never thought about exploring it. This creek is special because I caught a new species for me...a fallfish. I've walked behind muskrats, picked up trash, and made new friends here. In most places the water is knee deep, but there are holes.  The water has plenty of rocks and big boulders. The water is surprisingly clear too!  This place is called Contentnea's more like a narrow river.

Another place that has stolen my heart is the Eno River. I've seen deer in the water. The cleanest place I've ever fished down here. Plenty of places to wade, and plenty of long ear sunfish to catch. I've had small sunfish swim right up to me...a first. Although there are plenty of places where the water is only knee deep, I'd like to explore more of it. My little 5'8" 4wt is a wonderful little stick for this place. Cast an elk hair caddis in the slower waters, and you will find the fish. I've caught plenty of fallfish in this water...and they are tuff little scrappers! When you walk on the trail, you can look down in the clear water and see fish...I've seen fallfish resting on top of submerged rocks!

There's just something about 4wts, elk hair caddis flies, and beautiful little creeks!


Fishing Reports / Ivan Lake
« Last post by Scott Irwin on September 05, 2014, 08:32:26 PM »
Buddy and I fished Ivan lake yesterday (in north Bossier Parish). My, what a nice body of water. The lake looks like something you would find in Arkansas. New Boat ramp, five fishing piers, picnic areas incredible boat lanes, this lake is a masterpiece. The fish were not biting but the water temp was 85 and it was a bright blue bird day. We also got a late start. This lake will be a gem to fish when conditions are right.
Ultralight Fly Fishing - For weights 000 through 4! / Re: 000 wt Fly Rod
« Last post by Scott Irwin on September 05, 2014, 08:23:44 PM »
Thanks for the information on Bill Byrd. I am reading his blog and find it very helpful. I thought my 3 wt was a light rod :)
Watercraft / Re: Ascend FS10
« Last post by Scott Irwin on September 05, 2014, 08:13:35 PM »
Thanks Frank. I think Bass Pro hit on to something with the FS10. The design has been out about 2 years with minor changes. This past summer the entire company sold out of FS10's. I had to wait 6 weeks for the factory to fire up a new production run to replinish supply. I think the price point plus it's many attractive features make it a popular choice for the higher performance kayak field.
General Discussion / Re: Casting Performance of $100+ Flyrods
« Last post by bluegillbob on September 05, 2014, 05:44:46 PM »

Burkheimer and Tom Morgan claim that their rods are superior...this is typed on their websites. They say they are superior in performance, quality, and workmanship. I'm only stating what they say. How is it that Sage has all this technology and know how, but these folks claim to build a superior rod?

I don't criticize the angler that totes the $25 fly rod or the person toting the $3000 rod. I remember the days of casting that $10 fly rod and tying on a piece of original blue Stren for a leader.  I have a difficult time understanding why someone thinks their rod is superior to another rod when they have the opportunity to cast the other rod...and they fail to cast them. 


You asked "why would I buy a rod without casting it?" My options are limited...I live about 5 hrs from the Outer Banks and 5 hrs from the mountains. I have cast some Sage, Orvis, and Winston rods in the Raleigh area. In the few places that carry Sage and Winston rods, they only carry a few different models. I would like to cast a few Cabela's rods, but there is no store here in the entire state. The Fly Fishing Show is the only reasonable solution to cast several rods from several manufacturers (about 3 hrs away). At least with BPS and Cabela's, you can return the rod and receive a full refund. I'd like to test cast a Sage TXL, but the places that sell Sage fly rods in the area only carry 3 or 4 different models...the mainstream ones. I'd probably have to drive 5 hrs to a fly shop in the mountains to try a TXL.

How many of us have bought a fly line without casting it? How many store owners allow you to cast a fly line before you buy it...not the demo line, but a fresh one from an unopened box?

I purchased a line from Scientific Anglers called "Headstart." I like it because it has a fat taper (to cast bigger flies). I had to order this online because every store that carries fly fishing gear in this part of the state (NC) does not carry it. BPS. Orvis. Great Outdoor Provision Company. I found a place in Raleigh that sells $5000 mountain bikes, but I can't find this fly line in a place that sells saltwater lines, trout lines, and bite leaders, along with Sage rods and Ross reels.

I can drive to a Ferrari dealership in a shorter time than I can to locate that "Headstart" line or test cast that TXL fly rod. And the line only costs $45!

How many things do people buy without trying them out? Boats. Chainsaws. Jet skis. Unless you deal with a private seller, I haven't seen many places where you can test drive that $50,000 glitter bass boat before you take it home. I don't know what the return policy on these items are.



General Discussion / Re: Casting Performance of $100+ Flyrods
« Last post by Dave R on September 05, 2014, 09:19:41 AM »
Dave asked me "what difference does it make?" If I am going to pay extra for a rod to increase my casting distance, I expect the manufacturer to deliver the performance. If the rod doesn't perform, I simply paid for a more expensive rod to do the same thing before I bought it.
And why would you buy a rod before casting it?

You have every right to do so, but you'll get no sympathy from me if you then decide you bought the wrong rod. That's your fault, not the manufacturer's.

I totally agree. I've bought one fly rod that I did not cast before and after I bought it and fished with for a while realized I had made a mistake. Sold it at a loss, not huge, but a loss none the less. Now I won't buy a new fly rod until I've had a chance to cast it. Or with the understanding that whomever I am purchasing it from will allow me to return it if after lawn casting it I do not like it.
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