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Warmwater Fly Fishing / How to catch Rio Grande Cichlids?
« Last post by Free2Fish on February 17, 2015, 07:53:59 AM »
As soon as the weather permits, I'm going to fish the San Marcos and Lower Guadalupe (near Seguin) Rivers for some sunfish. I'd really like to catch some rios and was wondering if anyone can provide tips to catch a few.

I tied some #10 rio-getters from pictures, a bunch of Briminators and have a whole slew of my own flies to try. I understand they'll likely be on the bottom in slow or still water and like a gravel bottom.

My only other time on the San Marcos I didn't get a sniff from one. :)

Fly Tying / Re: Saltwater needle fish
« Last post by Les Jackson on February 16, 2015, 07:51:05 PM »
Looks promising - I'd like to hear a report.

Fly Fishing Events / 28th annual Acadiana Conclave - Sat., Feb. 28
« Last post by Catch Cormier on February 16, 2015, 06:28:41 PM »
28th annual Acadiana Conclave
Saturday, February 28, 2015
8:30am to 3:00pm
Grace Presbyterian Church Hall, 518 Roselawn Blvd, Lafayette, LA 70503
Hosted by the Acadiana Fly Rodders, Dennis Vidrine Chapter

Activities include:
- casting demos by renowned certified casting instructors
- fly tying demonstrations
- seminars
- vendors
- drawings for a chance to win from a wide variety of fly fishing and fishing-related items

Conclave Schedule:
8:30am - Registration and doors open, coffee and donuts
9:00am - fly tying and equipment demos begin
9:00am - Keith Richard and Robert Tabbert (IFFF-MCIs) - "Correcting Common Casting Errors"
11:00am - Individual Casting Instruction
12:00pm - Kyle Moppert - "IFFF Gulf Coast Council Update and BSA Activities"
12:00pm - Lunch (chili dogs - $5)
12:30pm - Auction
1:00pm - Dr. Norm Crisp - "Fly Fishing in Chile"
2:00pm - Jerry Iverson - "In Search of the Illusive Tarpon"
3:00pm - fly tying and other activities end

Featured AFR Club Tiers:
Ray Boudreaux
Barry Dauphin
Beverly Vidrine

Featured Guest Tiers:
Ron Foreman - Lake Charles, LA
Kyle Moppert - Baton Rouge, LA
Marc Pinsel - Hammond, LA
Bill Heugel - Hemphill, TX
Glen 'Catch' Cormier - Cotile, LA
Dr. Norm Crisp - Prairie Village, KS

Saturday Night Banquet
Petroleum Club of Lafayette
111 Heymann Boulevard
$25 per person
6:00pm - cocktails (cash bar)
6:45pm - dinner

Speaker: Keith Richard, "Wyoming Cut Slam"

For more info, go to

General Discussion / I know it ain't fishing related but...
« Last post by Boyscout on February 16, 2015, 06:26:14 PM »
What movies and TV series you guys watch?

I'm a Netflix junkie and haven't watched prime time TV since 2009. I have some favorite TV shows but am willing to wait the year or 2 for a season to reach Netflix. Why? Cause I hate time wasted watching commercials!

Currently watching Blue Bloods (Tom Selleck cop family show).

Series I've enjoyed over the past few years...

Warehouse 13


American Sniper ( I chocked up a few times, we do not appreciate what they do and what their families go thru. The US Armed Forces are just awesome.)
Edge of Tomorrow
Gravity (does Sandra still rock or what?)
American Hustle
Clockwork Orange (classic that still holds up)

So, what are you guys watching?

I woke up to -4 deg , 35 MPH sustained winds and 5' drifts of snow.  Those all look like absolute gems to me regardless of species. Thanks for sharing.
Red Stick Fly Fishers / trip to Louisiana -- ??
« Last post by Sharon on February 16, 2015, 07:02:23 AM »
we are planning a trip to Baton Rouge and/or Lafayette the week of March 8th with my grandson for spring break.  while there i would like to try and do a little fishing.  i won't have a boat, and won't have the time for a salt water trip, but would welcome some suggestions as to where i might be able to fish for a day trip - and be able to fish without a boat.  thanks in advance for your help!
Ultralight Fly Fishing - For weights 000 through 4! / Re: lightest weight for bass
« Last post by Wee Hooker on February 16, 2015, 06:21:24 AM »
The largest LM Bass of my life came on a 2wt rod.   It was August in RI and I was fishing for a few bluegill  by a small cool trickle of a shallow inlet while waiting for dinner at my mother in laws house. After catching and releasing several smallish gills, I had something big swirl on my foam spider but I missed it. Two casts later I still had no repeat interest. Looking into my film canister "fly box", I quickly selected a #10 wolly bugger and tied it onto my (ugh! wind knotted) tippet. The fish gingerly took the WB on my second cast.  As soon as I hooked her, I thought I was doomed. However, the softness of the rod and the light pawl drag of my cheap graphite reel protected a wind knotted 5# tippet just fine during her 4 short but determined runs.  When the fish finally came to my hand, I was astonished at her size  and the fact that she had been landed on that tiny set-up. I've seen my share of  6 and 7 # bass and this old girl dwarfed them. Having nothing but a a few flies and hemostats with me, I measured the the bass with a dollar bill and quickly released it.  ( I actually walked into the pond fully dressed to assure I could revive her properly. )  Long story short, She measured 26 3/8" which puts her well over 9# and maybe over 10 by most charts.

Granted this was a fluke and involved allot of luck but the point is that given the right circumstances , larger bass can be landed on UL fly gear if you don't try to horse them in. In this case, the fish was caught in a weed free environment and the shallow warm water also played a part.

General Discussion / Re: Where is everybody?
« Last post by Linecaster on February 15, 2015, 04:26:35 PM »
Thanks for editing my post I thought I was going mad, last week I used Photobucket to post those same pictures with no problem.
If they want to mess things up I will have to find another way and get off Photobucket.
General Discussion / Re: Where is everybody?
« Last post by Bayoutalker on February 15, 2015, 04:25:17 PM »

As of this AM, the snow drifts are over my head and we have sustained 30 + MPH winds with windchills well into the negative numbers.  It's going to be a while:(

That's when you need to share what you caught last year. It'll get you fired up for the season coming.
General Discussion / Re: Where is everybody?
« Last post by Catch Cormier on February 15, 2015, 04:08:47 PM »
Hey Linecaster, I fixed your post, removing that URL stuff. Photobucket changed things recently such that when you copy the IMG code, it also imbeds a link back to their website.  Guess they want viewers to see their ads?  Anywho, what I do is copy the IMG stuff to Notepad, remove the URL stuff, then copy the Notepad code to the forum post.  That way just the images show.

Earlier this week I had the bayou near my house all to myself.  Did pretty good on crappie.  Then somebody went and caught 20 and told the folks at the local country store.  The word was out!  Friday, Saturday and today the nearby boat launch was full.  I counted 21 boats in a 300-yard stretch!!!  :o   >:(    :'(

So I went to Plan B.  B as in bass.  Just a few, but all decent.  And lost one that could've been a few pounds!  It's coming...
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