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General Discussion / Re: Southern folks take care
« Last post by qualey99 on February 25, 2015, 10:51:01 AM »
Rick, thanks for your concern.  No one in North Louisiana has a clue on how to drive on snow or ice.  It is dangerous to be on the road with us at times like this.  Give me 100 degrees and 100% humidity.  I don't think I could live in any state that doesn't border the Gulf of Mexico.
General Discussion / Re: Southern folks take care
« Last post by Gordon Bryson on February 24, 2015, 11:56:33 AM »
Rick, it keeps us humble and makes us really appreciate the dog days of August.  Thanks for your concern, it's a good time to stay in and tie flies.
General Discussion / Re: Southern folks take care
« Last post by Linecaster on February 24, 2015, 10:21:53 AM »
We are getting it in North Texas, don't like it one bit.
General Discussion / Southern folks take care
« Last post by Rick Zieger on February 24, 2015, 08:26:39 AM »
I see that my southern friends are getting sleet, ice and snow.  Take care.
Want you to be able to make it to ponds and streams this summer.

Kisatchie Fly Fishers / KFF Feb. 23 meeting CANCELLED due to winter weather
« Last post by Catch Cormier on February 22, 2015, 07:42:50 PM »
The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Weather Advisory for central Louisiana for Monday and Monday night, February 23.  Freezing rain and sleet are forecast, and temperatures will be above freezing only for a few hours.  All schools, libraries, and other public entities will be closed.

Safety for our members is a prime concern.  We advise to stay off iced roads except in case of emergency.  We may postpone the meeting until Thursday, or just cancel for this month altogether.  Stay tuned.
Kisatchie Fly Fishers / KFF February 23rd meeting
« Last post by Catch Cormier on February 18, 2015, 07:34:32 PM »
The next meeting of the Kisatchie Fly Fishers will be on Monday, February 23rd at 6:30pm at the Rapides Westside Library in Alexandria.  The public is welcome, so bring a guest if you can.

For this meeting, our speaker will be club member Roger Breedlove.  Roger has built custom rods for many years. He will talk about what goes into making an effective fly rod, including various blanks, components, and other materials, as well as rod actions. Whether you're interested in someday building a rod, or simply curious about what makes for a well-made rod, you'll enjoy this program!

Also on the agenda: fishing reports, upcoming events including the Acadiana Fly Rodders conclave on February 28th in Lafayette, and the first-ever "Cane Country Fly Classic" tournament on the Cane River on March 28.
General Discussion / carp fly fishing show TONIGHT!
« Last post by William Henry on February 18, 2015, 05:08:09 PM »
Tonight's show - Carp on the Fly - Southern California Style

Matt Austin and Kory Van Tassel professional guides out of
La Jolla, California take us on a search for carp in the lakes
and streams of southern California. Join us to find out how
to catch carp California style.

Go to their 'ASK' page using the link below and ask him a

Tune in tonight, Wednesday February 18th to hear their answers...

6:00 PM Pacific
7:00 PM Mountain
8:00 PM Central
9:00 PM Eastern

To access the show using the Internet just visit our home page
at the time of the show and you'll see the red link 'Listen to
the LIVE Show',just click on this link to launch our media
player and listen to the broadcast.

One click and you're listening in LIVE.
General Discussion / Re: Conditioning Fly Lines
« Last post by Tom Jindra on February 17, 2015, 02:22:01 PM »
I've no idea what is in 303 Aerospace, so I advise caution. Not all plastics are the same, and the characteristics of a truck bed liner or kayak differ from those of a good fly line, which can cost $70, $80, $90 or more. Unless you're a chemist with access to all the formulas, the safe bet is to use a commercial dressing that's specifically made for fly lines.
Warmwater Fly Fishing / Re: "The Other Bass"
« Last post by Linecaster on February 17, 2015, 02:08:58 PM »
Any one of those 13 could become your favourite if you dared to try them ;D
General Discussion / Re: Conditioning Fly Lines
« Last post by Wee Hooker on February 17, 2015, 11:49:30 AM »
I clean with clean water and a rag. I have rejuvenated a old/warn line or two using Aerospace 333 protectant.  It's not petroleum based and does not harm plastics/rubber.  I use this stuff on my truck bed cover and kayak /canoe hulls. Not cheap but head and shoulders above the rest designed for plastic protection..
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